Horvath on the Polish Economy

http://www.napi.hu/nemzetkozi_gazdasag/hat_ok_ami_miatt_lengyelorszag_a_jo_celpont.586427.html - Hungarian economic news portal napi.hu reports on the EuCham Conference on Poland and quotes from the lecture of Julius Horvath, head of CEU’s Department of Economics. In his talk on the Polish economy, Horvath pointed out that growth would definitely continue in the economies of the Central and Eastern European region, but the pre-crisis fast pace would most likely become slower. In recent years, living standards have greatly improved in Poland, and Poland is in the lead in that respect. Moreover, the income per capita has also been on the rise, that is, the Polish are getting wealthier. At the same time, he also emphasized – along with other presenters – that demographic problems would start to affect Poland as well, as their population is also aging.