Nador 15 Bike Parking Area to Close Down

October 21, 2014

Due to the impending closure of CEU’s Nador 15 Building, the bicycle parking area located in the courtyard of the facility will soon be closed permanently. Bike commuters are kindly asked to remove their bikes from the parking area before Thursday, October 23. Beginning on Monday of next week, the bike parking area in Nador 15 will be officially closed.  

All bikes must be removed from the Nador 15 courtyard by Tuesday, October 28. Bikes remaining in the courtyard after the end of the working day next Tuesday will be removed from parking racks.

New bicycle parking options will be communicated with the entire CEU community once parking racks have been repositioned appropriately.

CEU supports the growth and development of biking culture within the community, and the Sustainability Office will work to ensure that CEU remains a bike friendly institution during and after the Campus Redevelopment project.

If you have any questions about biking at CEU, please send an email to