Serbian Alumni Launch Scholarship

CEU Alumni & Friends in Serbia is launching the Serbian Alumni Scholarship, utilizing the power of community to support promising academics from that country.

“Serbian students often don’t apply to CEU because they can’t support themselves in Budapest,” said Marko Miljkovic, fundraising coordinator for the Serbian alumni chapter. “We feel it would be a terrible waste if they were unable to come here. “

The chapter hopes to raise enough to support three to four students from Serbia, starting in academic year 2015-16. Each scholarship will total 50,000 HUF per student per month for ten months. (Eleven months for Legal Studies students.)

The total number of scholarships will depend on the level of alumni support. “If we could have three or four that would be brilliant,” Miljkovic said.

The chapter hopes to not only help students attend CEU, but also promote the university and its programs in Serbia and strengthen that country’s alumni network around the globe.

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