Pogonyi on Muravchik’s Work on Socialism

Hungarian news portal mno.hu reports: A book on socialism by American author Joshua Muravchik has been published in Hungarian. Assistant Professor in the Nationalism Studies Program at CEU Szabolcs Pogonyi elaborated on the fact that the book had not become outdated in the twelve years since its original publication, but facilitated new interpretations. He also mentioned that by presenting some career paths the book outlines internal controversies that prevent the harmonization of the ideals of democracy, liberty, and socialism. He added that Joshua Muravchik must have been motivated by the recognition that although socialism might be “nice” and might work on paper, when they try to put it into practice, it leads to “smaller or bigger trouble.” According to Pogonyi’s book review, the final conclusion of the author can be summarized as follows: if socialism is democratic, then it changes democratically, and if it is not, then it will necessarily end in oppression and terror.

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