CEU Students React to Abduction of 43 Students in Mexico

November 18, 2014

A group of 43 students from the rural teaching school in a small town in Mexico were taken away by municipal police on Sept. 26. Shocked by the violent abduction, a group of Mexican CEU students (Marcela Figueroa Franco, Ursula Sanchez, Ana Isabel Enriquez Vargas, Victor Mercader Lara, and Isaac Guzman Estrada)  approached Human RightS Initiative, asking to organize a campaign against violence from Mexico. As part of the campaign, the students, in collaboration with the HRSI team, set up a colorful altar commemorating the victims of violence in Mexico, hosted a discussion session, and production of a video. In the video, widely shared by the members of the CEU community and beyond, students from all over the world demand to bring abducted Mexicans back and stop the violence.

This campaign, seeking to reach and support Mexican people in these hard times, also contributed to the strengthening of the CEU community.

This is how some of the students, who organized the campaign, put it:

"I certainly never imagined that two weeks after arriving to Budapest to become a first-year master’s student at CEU, 43 students back home would suffer after being abducted by some local police officers in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Since September 24, our country has gone through one of the most difficult chapters of social injustice and violence in the recent years.

At the same time, I never imagined to find such a committed and understanding community at CEU willing to help us in our important task to raise awareness. This video reflects how it is possible to give a small but powerful lesson in our mission to protect human rights and to ask for justice. We want to thank the CEU community and the HRSI team for their immense support in this important initiative. We have to continue working together to speak up, to make a change, to do our part". Victor Mercader Lara, Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy

"Living abroad far from Mexico and surrounded in an international environment at CEU makes me wonder what Mexico is for a foreigner. Usually this is an easy answer for me. Mexico is my country, full of natural and cultural richness. But also an abnormal place, for our economic and political history is far beyond complicated. I am conscious about that reality in Mexico.

But with all these events that have been happening in Mexico I am not sure which country I am seeing. Our country has been taken away from us, submerged in the deepest hole of violence and corruption. These make me feel a lot of diverse emotions: sadness, fear, rage, powerlessness...

Nonetheless having the support of different people, Mexicans and non-Mexicans, I do not feel lonely, but the contrary; they give me strength and hope. I will not stop shouting my voice because, “I am tired too” and I want my country back!!

Thanks to HRSI for your support, thanks to everyone who has been participating in our actions, thanks to the Mexican community outside of Mexico who have been doing actions worldwide". Isaac Guzman Estrada, MA Environmental Sciences & Policy