New Bicycle Parking Available for CEU Community

November 18, 2014

CEU community members who commute by bicycle can now utilize the Oktober 6. utca 7 building courtyard for daily parking purposes. The courtyard is located on the entrance level of the Oktober  Oktober 6. utca 7 building, where the School of Public Policy and several CEU offices are currently located.

To access the bicycle courtyard, enter through the main entrance of the building, and proceed to the back of the entrance floor to a door, which leads to the parking area on the right side of the back wall. Signs are in place to indicate where the bike parking area is located.

The bike parking area is to be used only by community members who commute daily to CEU. Bikers who use the courtyard must follow the rules of the bike parking area which have been established to maintain safety and order within the building premises.

·      Bikers can utilize the courtyard for parking purposes only during the opening hours of the Oktober 6. utca 7 building. Monday-Friday 8:00am-10:00pm Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm

·     Bikes must be fastened to parking racks and must not be left in any open areas, or in any areas which have not been designated as parking areas. Bikes in the courtyard which are not fastened to racks will be removed.

·      If the bicycle parking racks are completely occupied, then bikers must park in an alternate location outside of the Oktober 6. utca 7 building.

·     Due to size restrictions, bikes should not be left in the courtyard overnight, or for extended periods. Bikes which remain locked in the same place for extended periods will be removed.

A comprehensive update of bicycle parking regulations at CEU can be found in the file attached to this email. Please forward any questions about bike parking at CEU to