Record-breaking Philanthropy Day Raises the Bar

The CEU community raised more than $1,100 during last week's Philanthropy Awareness Day, shattering last year's record and demonstrating major grassroots support for the University. The Thursday, November 13 event drew more than 300 CEU alumni, students, staff and faculty to the Octagon for home-baked treats and CEU-branded water bottles.

Dozens of participants baked cakes and other goodies to offer at the event, which drew long lines to the Octagon for much of the day. Attendees were asked to donate between 500 and 1000 HUF in exchange for a treat, coffee and a bottle.

By day's end, the proceeds raised had dwarfed those of last year's event - making the CEU community itself a major supporter of the University.

Organized by the Alumni Relations & Career Services office, the event was intended to raise awareness of the power of philanthropic giving. Proceeds will support student scholarships plus a project, headed by Director of Admissions by Zsuzsa Jaszberenyi, to feed 75 homeless people this December.
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