CEU: The Most Hungarian of American Private Universities

Hungarian weekly HVG reports: The most Hungarian of American private universities – this could be one way to characterize Central European University (CEU), founded in 1991 by the Soros Foundation. The institution, which educates more than 1300 students from about 90 countries (20-25 percent of whom are Hungarian) is in a rather unique situation: its Hungarian diplomas are registered by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee as official degrees, the English-language ones are approved by the New York State Education Department. CEU offers programs in humanities, law, social sciences and business, but only from master’s level and above - it has no bachelor’s programs. This is the reason it does not appear listed in comprehensive university rankings, whereas on this year’s Times Higher Education list, for instance, CEU made it into the top 100.

It is another matter that the location of the headquarters does have an effect on operations, and not only due to the fact that about 40 percent of the faculty are Hungarian. According to statistics, CEU’s Hungarian students enjoy significant benefits: the vast majority of them (this year 266) studying at this private institution, which otherwise charges substantial tuition,enjoy a complete tuition waiver, and more than 80% of them also receive an allowance to partially cover their costs of living. According to report on all of CEU’s students last year, 15 percent of them paidfull tuition (at least 12,000 Euro or about 3.7 million forints per year at master’s level), and only 57 percent of them were granted a certain amount of scholarship funding.

CEU offers programs such as a nine-month program which started this fall that equips students already holding a BA with English proficiency, and prepares them for further education. This program is designed especially for Roma students.

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