CEU PhD Student Szekely on New War Memorial

Hungarian news portal magyarnarancs.hu reports: A memorial erected in remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and World War II was inaugurated in ELTE’s Trefort Garden: the 1-centimeter-wide and 200-meter-long bronze strip embraces the university campus along its walls as a kind of unique grout between the bricks, bearing 199 names. The university pays homage to its former professors, students, and staff members, all of those who lost their lives as a result of the anti-Jewish laws in forced labor, concentration camps, ghettos, or military service. “ ELTE’s Holocaust and World War II memorial is very important among the memorials in Hungary because it explores a chapter that has not been investigated before, inserting it into the history of the university,” says CEU PhD student Julia Szekely, who does research on statues and memorials in public places. “But it is also important because public works of art created in line with 19th-century, traditional memorial esthetics still constitute a majority, and the only alternatives to them for now seem to be kitsch memorials, also erected in masses. There are few memorials which, similarly to “Names in the Grouts,” would radically reinterpret the conventional form of public statues.”

 For more information, see http://magyarnarancs.hu/kultura/nevsor-a-fugakban-holokauszt-emlekmuvet-... (in Hungarian)