CEU Welcomes Year-End Support

Imagine a university where… Fill in the blank with what you most cherish about CEU, and consider what can be done with your support in the future. This message was the core of an electronic appeal shared with 600+ friends and donors of CEU as part of the CEU Development Office’s annual end-of-year fund drive. With growing funding needs and increasing goals, an important component of CEU’s overall fundraising strategy is to inspire annual giving and multi-year commitments among our global network of supporters. The Office is pleased to report that €1.3 million has been raised against a €2.4 million goal this academic year; a steady supply of annual gifts from a growing number of donors will help the University immensely in the future. During this season of giving, the Development Office welcomes all of CEU’s community to give or encourage others to contribute to CEU. All support, large or small, helps to demonstrate our determination to fulfill the ambitions we have for the University. See the appeal at: http://www.ceu.hu/makeagift