Senate Approves Revised Signature Rights Chart

December 16, 2014

A revised signature rights chart has been approved by the Senate and is now in force. The signature chart, which is Annex 1 to the Organizational and Operational Regulations (OOR) of the Közép-európai Egyetem (KEE) has been revised to reflect the recent administrative restructuring, specifically:

- the signature rights of the COO for human resource related documents are taken over by the Vice-President for Administration (the position of the COO is however retained in the founding documents as well as in the signature chart);

- the Provost's signature rights have been reviewed/updated, particularly in relation to financial documents; and,

- the signature rights of the HRO Director have been reviewed/updated.

The OOR can be accessed online through CEU Document Registry at To be able to view the document, log in with Novell ID and password. For more information, contact Tatiana Yarkova at