Call for Nominations for CEU Distinguished Teaching Award

The Provost’s Office invites nominations for the CEU Distinguished Teaching Award, an annual award honoring Distinguished CEU Teachers.

 CEU students, alumni and faculty members are invited to nominate candidates for the award.

Eligibility and Criteria for Selection

Full-time and part-time faculty members who have completed at least six semesters of teaching at CEU (irrespective of the exact load) and are under a valid teaching contract with the university during the respective academic year are eligible for the award.

Excellence in teaching is the key criterion for the Distinguished Teaching Award. In addition, evidence of commitment to the CEU mission, broadly defined, will need to be provided.

The following list indicates possible characteristics, contributions, initiatives or results to be taken into account for nominations for the award. The list is indicative, not exhaustive. 

  • A personal history of high-impact teaching in courses at CEU that are intellectually and professionally rigorous and challenging.
  • Outstanding ability to stimulate intellectual excitement and to motivate students to learn; a track-record of successfully providing support, encouragement, and inspiration for students; thoughtful mentoring and guidance of students; accessibility in and beyond the classroom.
  • Promotion of a wide range of ideas and the open expression of diverse opinions; promotion of effective and responsible critical thinking.
  • Responsiveness to the needs of the students; openness and receptiveness to different learning styles and approaches.
  • Cultivating an atmosphere of integrity, civility, and respect in the classroom.
  • Effective teaching across divisional boundaries; support of multidisciplinary approaches; effective use of research in teaching.
  • Successfully re-designing courses or developing new courses using innovative approaches to teaching, possibly informed by research on student learning and best practices in teaching in particular academic fields. Approaches to teaching such as those outlined in the CEU Strategic Plan are particularly welcome. These include: greater development of connections between research and teaching; appropriate incorporation of technology in course design and meaningful use of technology to support student learning; incorporation of problem-based learning; teaching with case studies; the development of new interdisciplinary approaches to teaching; and other research-based teaching strategies.

Nomination, Evaluation and Announcement of the Winner

CEU students, alumni and faculty members are invited to nominate candidates for the award. Nominations should be submitted by the end of the winter term each academic year.

Nominations will be reviewed by an Awards Committee comprised of the Provost, four additional faculty members from across the university who will serve on a rotating basis, and the director of the CTL who will serve ex-officio.

The winner will be announced at the CEU commencement ceremony in June. It is possible to have more than one winner in a given year. Recipients of the award will receive a prize of 2,000 Euros.

Submission of Materials:  

Nominators should work with the faculty member they are nominating to obtain the required information and submit the following documents by the end of the Winter term:

  1. 1.     Nomination form
  2. Letter of nomination emphasizing the nominee`s dedication to teaching and success in promoting student learning. The letter of nomination should provide concrete examples of effective teaching and mentoring activities that pertain to the criteria outlined in the Call for Nominations.
  3. Letter of support from any of the following: current students, former students or faculty colleagues who are familiar with the candidate`s teaching. Letters of support should provide specific examples of how the nominee fulfils the CEU Distinguished Teacher Awards criteria.
  4. Abbreviated curriculum vitae obtained from the nominee including list of awards, honors, special recognitions, selected publications, service and other significant contributions (2-3 pages).
  5. Candidate’s reflective statement on his or her teaching and learning philosophy, practices and objectives as well as on how the assessment of student learning informs teaching practice. The statement should include concrete examples of effective teaching and mentoring activities. The statement should address the criteria for the award (2-4 pages).
  6. Syllabi of courses taught in the past two years.
  7. Summary of student evaluations for courses, including a representative selection of student comments (if available) for each course taught. The evaluations should have been made within the past two years.

All materials should be sent electronically, preferably as a single pdf file to Andrea Katona, Office of the Provost at: Nominations for AY 2014-2015 are due by Friday, April 3, 2015.

Questions about the nomination procedure should be directed to Andrea Katona, Office of the Provost at:

 Please find the nomination form attached.