Policy Modifications Approved by the Senate Enter into Force

January 26, 2015

The following modifications to some of the University policies recently approved by the Senate entered into force January 22, 2015.   All policies can be accessed online through CEU Document Repository at http://www.ceu.hu/documents after logging in with Novell ID and password.

Academic Travel Fund Policy:

-    Deletion of the requirement for Department Heads to sign off on ATF applications.

-    Applications must be submitted 14 days prior to travel.

-    No additional funds will be made available for expenses above the amount approved (funds cannot be awarded retroactively).

-    Unused funds from the current year can be rolled over for use in the next academic year (funds can only be rolled over one year).

Research Support Scheme Policy:

-    No approval or review is now required for any changes that are within the 25% of the overall budget and are within the already approved budget lines.

-    Approval must be sought in advance from the Director of ACRO for any spending not originally approved in the budget or for significant changes amongst the approved budget lines (greater than 25%), as these could alter the purpose of the project.

Policy on Recovery of Overhead Costs:

-    The distribution of overhead between CEU and the recipient department will remain at the currently used 70/30 ratio.

-    The two year rule remains in effect, but has been renamed the ‘final overhead spending rule’: From the time the final grant payment is received and the final report is approved (whichever happens last), the department has up to July 31 of the next academic year to spend the amount.

-    Additionally, a provision has been added to the policy that all departments and centers with unspent overhead funds will receive a report at the beginning of academic year indicating the amount available to be spent within that year.

Student Rights, Rules, and Academic Regulations:

A new sub-section 4.3.2 “Double-counting of credits” was added. The sub-section will support the initiative of the CEU Business School to open up to its students the possibility of pursuing more than one degree at the School. Double-counting of credits will only be possible at the CEU Business School for required master’s level courses.