U.S. Department of State Signs Grant Agreement with CEU to Support Hungarian Sustainable University Network

In line with CEU's strategic sustainability goals, the U.S. Department of State's Regional Environmental, Science & Technology, and Health (ESTH) Hub for Central and Eastern Europe has partnered with the University to provide a $30,000 grant to support a Sustainable University Network (SUN) of student environmental groups in Hungary. SUN will promote civic responsibility among future decision-makers in Hungary by developing leadership skills, promoting sustainable development training, and reinforcing a shared commitment to environmental stewardship. Throughout the SUN project, several U.S. experts will come to Hungary to share their knowledge on issues of importance concerning environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

Led by CEU Sustainability Officer Logan Strenchock, student environmental groups from 10 higher education institutions across six cities in Hungary will work together to promote information sharing, develop leadership skills, and provide training on general environmental issues for student leaders and groups. A primary aim of the project is to support cross-university cooperation in initiating outreach and educational programming in four priority areas: (1) Recycling and Waste Management; (2) Climate change mitigation; (3) Sustainable Development; and (4) Energy efficiency and alternative energy technology development.

Throughout the SUN project, the CEU and the ESTH Hub will work together with Hungarian partner institutions to develop programs that highlight issues connected to the four priority areas identified above. Student groups will produce a sustainable development vision for their respective universities that supports the collective efforts of SUN.

All Hungarian universities are eligible to participate and the volunteer team will use key performance indicators to track progress to determine the overall impact of this project in each location. For more information, email: StrenchockL@ceu.hu.