Cartwright Elected Chairman of Policy Association for an Open Society

At the 10th annual Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS) Assembly, Andrew Cartwright, co-director of the Center for Policy Studies, was re-elected as member of the Board for another two years, and chairman for 2015. PASOS is a regional platform of independent policy centers from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Through joint projects, capacity building and peer-to-peer learning, PASOS supports high-quality policy analysis that bridges EU-based policymaking communities and the countries of South-East Europe, Turkey, the EU's eastern neighbourhood, and Central Asia. PASOS has a forward-looking Euro-Atlantic perspective with a strong focus on democracy, human rights, and economic development, and actively supports efforts to promote freer societies governed by the rule of law. For more information, see

Cartwright  has recently been appointed as co-director of the Center for Policy Studies.  He will work alongside the existing director Violetta Zentai to expand the Center’s involvement in comparative and interdisciplinary policy research, strengthening teaching connections across departments as well as continuing to provide practical research opportunities for PhD students.

Dr. Cartwright has a PhD in Law from the University of Warwick.   His research focuses on the rural transition in post-socialist countries, the development of land markets, the impact of EU rural development policy and the ongoing policy responses to an aging and shrinking rural population.  Dr. Cartwright designed and runs the Policy Lab courses for the Department of Public Policy. He also teaches a 2-credit elective course on Rural Development Policy.