Construction Works in Nador 13 and 15 Commence

Soft demolition works in the Nador 13 and Nador 15 buildings have commenced. Since Jan. 19, further demolition works may result in increased noise and vibration. Vehicle traffic on Nador Street will also increase. As the Nador 13 and 15 buildings are now construction sites, pedestrian traffic is directed to the other side of the street. Pedestrian traffic along the temporary construction fence is extremely dangerous and forbidden. Please pay increased attention when crossing the street. In case of immediate emergency with regard to the construction site, contact Hunguard Kft Security, present on site 24/7, on +36-70/360-1834.

Should you have any question or complaints with regard to the Campus Redevelopment Project and the ongoing construction in Nador 13 and 15, contact