SPP Announces 2014-16 Passion Project Clients

The School of Public Policy (SPP) has announced the clients for its 2014-16 Passion Projects. The Passion Project is a central component of SPP's multi-disciplinary MPA program. “It is through the Passion Project,” explained Program Director Jenny Choi-Fitzpatrick, “that our students have the opportunity to apply some of the skills they learn through the Skills For Impact modules, and the knowledge they gain through taking academic courses.” SPP students working in three- or four-person teams tackle a wide range of projects for a diverse group of impressive real world clients.

One Passion Project team, for example, will conduct research, advocacy, and campaigning with the aim of curbing the practice by police of targeting minorities and migrants for unjustified stops and searches on the basis of their appearance. The project will aim to influence EU policy makers and broaden public debate on the issue. Another Passion Project team will be conducting applied research and analysis to engender the ongoing policy discourse to decriminalize, regulate, and support small-scale and artisanal mining in Zimbabwe and address existing gender imbalances and constraining gender roles that hinder women’s participation in artisanal and small scale mining.

To complement their Passion Projects, students will take a 12-week Skills For Impact course in project management. The course will emphasize the practical skills that are needed to effectively manage projects in a professional setting including project design, planning, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation.