Business School Alumnus Kutty Named Business Person of the Year, Canada’s Next Generation Executive Leader

CEU Business School alumnus Ashwin Kutty (IMM, '04), president and CEO at WeUsThem Inc., has been named as Business Person of the Year by The Halifax Chamber of Commerce in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Business Person of the Year Award recognizes business people who demonstrate the best Halifax has to offer. Rewarding leaders and innovators who are prepared to take chances and stretch the limits of success.

This announcement comes at a special time for Kutty and WeUsThem, as he has spent the last year expanding and increasing the company’s reach, which has resulted in its greatest success to date and many notable accomplishments. On top of this, Kutty has provided leadership and direction to many local, national and international projects that have highlighted to profile of our community and our city locally and internationally.

On top of this most recent award, Kutty has also recently been named Canada’s Next Generation Executive Leader by CATAAlliance and The Perter Brojde Foundation - an award that furthers his recognition as one of Canada’s executive leaders in the industry.

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