Legal Studies Alumnus Nagy Elected Member of City Council in Slovakia

David Nagy (LEGS ’13), who studied International Business Law, represents the new generation of Hungarian politicians in Slovakia. In addition to working as a legal associate, he has also become a member of the city council of his hometown, Nove Zamky, a town of 40,000 inhabitants.

“CEU has taught me a lot; however it mainly opened my mind in a critical way. In my view, critical thinking is essential in politics nowadays. In other words, my studies at CEU not only expanded my knowledge in law, but the international environment inspired me to think global instead of local,” Nagy said about his time at CEU.

In the last year and a half, Nagy has become the leading young politician of his region. He is devoted to his job as a member of the city council, but as there will be new parliamentary elections in Slovakia next year, he thinks “it is high time we changed some seats in Bratislava.”

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