CEU Alumna Udvarhelyi on NGO Assistance for Budapest’s Homeless

http://www.168ora.hu/itthon/udvarhelyi-tessza-a-varos-mindenkie-kozelet-iskolaja-tuntetesek-baloldalisag-133554.html - Hungarian weekly 168 Ora interviewed CEU Alumna Tessza Udvarhelyi (SOCL'12, Doctoral Support Program), founder of the NGO “The City is for All.” The organization’s activities are based on volunteer work and provide an opportunity for homeless people to stand up for their dignity and fight for the right to housing. Udvarhelyi shared her views about the current state of politics and civil rights movements in Hungary. The interview was also published on the weekly’s online platform, 168ora.hu

Due to copyright regulations the interview is available in the weekly (pp.22-23, Rosszul allunk a politikahoz)