New Fellowship Program to Bridge Diverse Global Perspectives on World’s Most Vexing Policy Issues

The School of Public Policy at Central European University (SPP) in partnership with the Central European University Institute for Advanced Study (CEU IAS) in Budapest, and the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin are launching a fellowship program for researchers and public policy practitioners from nine countries (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and Turkey). The goal of the Global Challenges Fellowshipprogram (GCF) is to forge closer ties between Western and non-Western researchers, and to encourage the development of fresh perspectives on some of the world's most pressing public policy challenges. The call for applications for the inaugural round of fellowships is now open until March 30, 2015.

"There is a need for a better academic understanding of the workings of multilateralism in an increasingly 'post-Western' world," said SPP Founding Dean Wolfgang H. Reinicke. "European scholars and policymakers alike stand to profit from a deeper familiarity with the traditions, motivations, and world views of powers not traditionally regarded as part of 'the West.' Conversely, scholars from outside Europe are often not fully immersed in the diverse set of influences on Europe's multilateral policies. GCF is an excellent opportunity for this much-needed mutual learning and exchange."

The highly selective program will support two junior and two senior fellows each year. Global Challenges Fellows will spend approximately 7-8 months doing analytical and empirical work at CEU in Budapest, and at GPPi in Berlin where they will engage with policy practitioners. They will conduct research in five areas: Peace & Security, Humanitarian Assistance & Human Rights, Development & Good Governance, Internet Governance, and Changing Global Institutions.

The Global Challenges Fellowship Program is implemented with generous support from the Volkswagen Foundation.

You can find out more and apply to the Global Challenges Fellowship program here.