Csaba and Bod Comment on Hungarian State Deficit

http://www.vg.hu/gazdasag/gazdasagpolitika/nem-eleg-a-hiany-eltuntetese-444450 - Hungarian economics news portal vg.hu reports: According to two leading experts in the field, Laszlo Csaba from CEU’s Department of International Relations and European Studies, and Peter Akos Bod from CorvinusUniversity, if the economy of a country grows, there is a possibility for  surplus budget to occur. The two professors commented on the Hungarian government’s plan to eliminate the current debt of 8-900 billion HUF by 2018-2020. Csaba and Bod both believe it to be the right time to do that.

The article also appeared in the economic daily, Vilaggazdasag. Due to copyright regulations, it is available in the daily (2.19.2015. pp.1-2, Nem konnyu eltuntetni a hianyt)