Bike Parking, Bike-Sharing Program Updates

Many community members are already using the bike-parking area located on the ground floor of Oktober 6 utca 7. To aid bike commuters, Sustainable CEU has installed a bike pump in the bike-parking area that is compatible with most types of air valves. Please see the user's guide for directions on how to use the pump with your bike tire type: Bike Pump User Guide

Due to continuing refurbishment in the Oktober 6 building, construction materials may be present in the hallway next to the bike-parking area but the CEU Building and Maintenance Team will work to clear this area as soon as possible.

With spring approaching, Sustainable CEU would like to encourage faculty, staff and students to take advantage of our bike-sharing program. Bikes are available to borrow for up to three days at a time. Bike requests must be placed in advance of borrowing and borrowers must give a small deposit. For more information about biking at CEU, and the CEU Bike-Share System, please refer to the linked documents below, visit or send an email to:

Bike Information

CEU Bicycle Guidelines 

CEU Bike Share 2015