Enemies for a Day: Antisemitism and Anti-Jewish Violence in Lithuania under the Tsars

The third volume in the Historical Studies in Eastern Europe series, by Darius Staliunas, of the Lithuanian Institute of History, explores anti-Jewish violence in Lithuania under the Tsars. It begins by illustrating how widespread anti-Jewish feelings were among the Christian population in 19th century, focusing on blood libel accusations as well as describing the role of modern Antisemitism. Secondly, it tries to identify the structural preconditions as well as specific triggers that turned anti-Jewish feelings into collective violence and analyzes the nature of this violence. Lastly, pogroms in Lithuania are compared to anti-Jewish violence in other regions of the Russian Empire and East Galicia. Staliunas argues that pogroms in Lithuania followed a communal pattern of ethnic violence and was very different from deadly pogroms in other parts of the Russian Empire.