Medieval Studies Alumnus Bokody Publishes Book on Pre-Modern Italian Painting

Peter Bokody’s (MEDS MA'06 PhD'09) book on The Images-within-Images in Italian Painting (1250-1350), offers the first comprehensive study of Italian meta-painting in the age of Giotto and sheds new light on the early modern and modern history of the phenomenon. By combining visual hermeneutics and iconography, it traces reflexivity in Italian mural and panel painting at the dawn of the Renaissance, and presents novel interpretations of several key works of Giotto di Bondone and the Lorenzetti brothers. The potential influence of the contemporary religious and social context on the program design is also examined situating the visual innovations within a broader historical horizon. The analysis of pictorial illusionism and reality effect together with the liturgical, narrative and typological role of images-within-images makes this work a pioneering contribution to visual studies and pre-modern Italian culture.

The Images-within-Images in Italian Painting (1250-1350) will be published by Ashgate later this month.

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