Call for Applications for Governmental Budgeting Workshop

CEU’s Human RightS Initiative (HRSI), in collaboration with the School of Public Policy (SPP) seeks applications for a 2-day intensive workshop on Budgeting for Human Rights: Why Government Budgets are Important for Realizing Human Rights that will take place on April 21-22, 9.00-12.30.

About the workshop
Government budgets are one of the key policy tools that governments use to shape and implement policies through raising, allocating and spending public resources to deliver public services and promote development. Understanding how budgets work – including the actors and processes involved and being able to compare them across countries – is a fundamental skill across many different areas, from economics to public policy, to social movements and social science more generally.

Government budgets are also fundamental in shaping governments’ responses to calls for upholding human rights. While legal frameworks frame the rights that citizens have, government budgets can and should be used to ensure that such legal frameworks do not remain empty promises, but generate and distribute public resources in a way that promote citizen rights in an equal and effective manner.

This short course provides an overview of some of the key issues related to government budgets in recent years across a broad range of countries, and links these to ongoing debates around human rights and government’s role as duty bearers and stewards of public policies.
Most sessions will consist of a 45-minute lecture, followed by discussions and individual/group exercises based on the concepts and materials presented. Case study material will be extensively used.

Required reading materials will be provided to accepted participants.

The workshop is open for a limited number of participants within and outside of the CEU community.

Application process
Participants are selected on first-come, first-served basis. Applications should be sent to no later than April 14.

The workshop is free of charge.

Paolo de Renzio is senior research fellow at the International Budget Partnership (IBP) in Washington DC, and adjunct professor at the Institute for International Relations at the Pontifícia Universidade Catolica of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

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