CEU Promotes Smart Hydration

April 5, 2015

In an ongoing movement to increase access to fresh drinking water on campus, the University has recently installed four new fountains in the Nador Campus, and plans to add more fountains in other locations in the coming months. The installation of new fountains which make accessing fresh water more convenient has been a result of  efforts by the CEU Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC), Sustainable CEU, the Campus Services Group, CEU Student Union, and engaged community members working in collaboration with University Administration to promote healthy and environmentally conscious water consumption on campus.

Members of the CEU community are encouraged to hydrate smart, and use these machines as much as they like. These fountains have been installed to make it easier to find water on campus, while encouraging the consumption of the high quality, fresh, and chilled water that is available. A number of the machines include a hot water feature as well for preparing hot beverages. Drinking water from these machines as opposed to buying bottled water has many environmental, ecosystem, and health benefits including: energy and overall fresh water consumption reduction, waste reduction, and lessening greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Fountain Locations:

Nador 11 Building - Entrance Lobby

Monument Building - Laptop Area

Faculty Tower - 4th Floor

Monument Building - Mezzanine Area Outside of Library