SPP Community Volunteers in Roma Settlement in Bag, Hungary

On March 21, School of Public Policy (SPP) students and staff spent the day volunteering with the Roma community in Bag, Hungary. Working with local NGO BAGazs, SPP students and staff helped members of the Roma settlement in Bag build a fence around a plot of land that will be used for agriculture. This fence will help keep animals away from crops.

“Building this fence side by side with locals was great,” said Jeff Mills (MPA ’15). “I really enjoyed getting to know them, and I appreciated their interest in getting to know me as well.”

Traveling to Bag, a town 40 minutes outside of Budapest, students and staff had the opportunity to see the town’s Roma settlement and interact with residents of all ages.

“It was great to give back to local communities,” commented Judit Koppany, SPP’s Student Affairs Coordinator. “I hope to organize more volunteering days for us around Budapest this year.” 

Volunteers build a tire fence around a property in the Roma settlement of Bag. Photo: SPP