CEU Medieval Radio Brings Past to Life

Recently featured on pop cultural news website Buzzfeed, CEU Medieval Radio is the world's only English-language online radio station dedicated to the music and the study of the Middle Ages and to enlightening listeners about the medieval and early modern periods (up to 1700). With barely a €300 annual budget and a lot of dedication, students of CEU’s Department of Medieval Studies Tamas Kiss, Kyra Lyublyanovics, Zsuzsanna Eke, and Christopher Mielke have turned their brainchild into a popular audio destination with over 13,000 listeners per month from 142 countries.

Benjamin Linley Wild.

In the latest airing of CEU Medieval Radio's talk show Past Perfect!, Mielke spoke with Benjamin Linley Wild, a faculty member at the Sherborne School in Dorset and a guest lecturer at the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design in London, who talked about clothing and fashion in the Middle Ages, including the wardrobe accounts of Henry III, the bridal trousseau of his sister, Isabella, and issues related to clothing and identity.

Past Perfect! is a talk show on medieval and early modern history and culture in association with Civil Radio FM98, hosted by Mielke, a doctoral student in the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU. Mielke informally discusses anything from the medieval period, from philosophy to the importance of certain geographical trade centers to zooarcheology, with some of the field's most prominent academics.

Listen to Past Perfect! online at www.medievalradio.org or on any major web radio portal (Reciva, V-Tuner, RadioTuna, etc.), and in terrestrial broadcast on Civil Radio FM98 in Budapest at the following times:

Past Perfect! on Civil Radio FM98 (Budapest and vicinity):

Sunday, 8:00 PM (Budapest time)

Past Perfect! on CEU Medieval Radio on the web:

Tuesday, 7:00 PM Berlin, Budapest, Oslo, Warsaw

Tuesday, 1:00 PM New York, San Jose, Santiago, Toronto

Wednesday 7:00 PM New York, San Jose, Santiago, Toronto

Thursday 1:00 AM Berlin, Budapest, Oslo, Warsaw

The podcast versions of previous Past Perfect! episodes are available for download on http://medievalradio.org/.

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