CEU to Host Undergraduate Summer Conferences

April 21, 2015

CEU aims to give a number of selected undergraduate students the opportunity to spend a few days in Budapest, interact with CEU faculty and graduate students through participation in the conference sessions and other related events (dinners, tours, etc.), and get acquainted with CEU facilities (dormitory, library, etc.).

2015 Summer conferences:

1. Empire and Nation, August 6-9, 2015

The Departments of History and Medieval Studies jointly organize a conference at CEU main building to rethink the role of empires and nations in history. For more details please visit this page: http://history.ceu.edu/events/2015-08-06/empire-and-nation-undergraduate...

2. Ancient Metaphysics and its Modern Appropriations, August 27-29 , 2015

The Department of Philosophy invites BA and MA students interested in ancient and contemporary metaphysics and their interrelationship to apply for this three-day long conference held in Budapest at CEU main building. For more details please visit this page: http://philosophy.ceu.edu/AncMetMod

3. Fresh from Law School: Voices of a New Generation, August 27-28, 2015

The Department of Legal Studies announces its first undergraduate conference to provide a platform for young lawyers to discuss their research papers in Budapest. For more details please see the attached official announcement and Call for Papers. For more information, see http://legal.ceu.edu/sites/legal.ceu.hu/files/attachment/event/770/ugconferencelegs-callforpaper21april2015.pdf