CEU Team Assesses EU Asylum Policy in Light of European Values

CEU is again taking part in the Allianz Summer Academy (ASA). The theme this year is Europe at a Turning Point: Economic Crisis, Social Disintegration, Political Change. Teams from five universities are preparing reports on topics related to this theme that will be presented and discussed during the first days of the Summer Academy at the Allianz Management Institute (Kempfenhausen). The rest of the academy will be dedicated to cross-university workshops and the drafting of a final policy proposal.

The CEU team consists of Lena Jacobs and Galen Lamphere-Englund from the Department of Public Policy (DPP), Max Steuer from Department of International Relations and European Studies (IRES), and Sara Sudetic from the Nationalism Studies Program. Their report, Do Human Rights Actually Matter During Times of Crisis? Assessing EU Asylum Policy Changes Post2009, assesses EU policy instruments in asylum matters from the perspective of European Union values, in particular fundamental rights, and includes a case study of their implementation in Hungary.

The ASA offers an excellent opportunity for peer-learning and discussions about EU issues from an international perspective. This is what motivated Jacobs, Sudetic, Steuer, and Lamphere-Englund to apply for the program. The CEU team project focuses on the nexus of fundamental rights and asylum policies in the EU. The Hungarian case highlights the challenges and limitations of legal instruments that are exacerbated by both increasing refugee flows to the border areas of the EU, and the growing anti-migrant populist rhetoric of numerous (but not exclusively) Hungarian political elites.

The CEU team will present their initial findings on June 1. If you are interested in the topic or would like to attend the preliminary presentation, please contact asa_ceu@ceu.edu.