CEU CareerNext: The First 100 Days

Since its launch in February 2015, CEU’s integrated online platform, career>next, has attracted more than 11,400 visits from more than 3,800 unique visitors in its first 100 days of operation. The platform was developed by the CEU Web Team in partnership with CEU's Alumni Relations and Career Services Office (ARCS).

career>next allows jobseekers to search career openings, access career-building resources and post resumes for review by CEU’s employer partners. CEU students and alumni can browse a continuously expanding list of more than 1,500 jobs, current or archived, from the non-profit, business, government or academic sectors.

The list is accompanied by a collection of more than 550 handpicked career resources (job boards, think tanks directories, career assessment tests and explorers, etc.), easily filtered by departmental focus or geographic region.

Since the launch, 38 employers have shared 135 international vacancies on career>next, while others have received access to 150 candidate resumes, updated and individually reviewed by ARCS.