CEU Business School Announces Second Round of Entrepreneurship Fellowships

Based on a highly successful inaugural year, CEU Business School has announced that it offers a second round of Entrepreneurship Fellowships to support entrepreneurs enrolling in September 2015. This action reflects the School's commitment to sophisticated professional development of high-potential budding entrepreneurs, especially in the CEE region and emerging economies of the world. This targeted financial aid is designed to cover — partially or fully — tuition for the School's highly ranked and well-regarded Accelerated One-Year MBA Program. The Entrepreneurship Fellowship also builds on the School's successful MBA concentration in Entrepreneurship. 

The Accelerated One-Year MBA is registered in the U.S. The School's style of teaching is highly interactive, with an emphasis on case studies and newer forms of learning approaches.

Dean Mel Horwitch stated that “we have found that our Entrepreneurship Fellowships serve an important and hitherto neglected need. Great ideas are not sufficient. In order to compete today, even at an early stage, entrepreneurs increasingly need to augment their creativity and drive with professional management.”

A current Entrepreneurship Fellow added that "entrepreneurship is a unique profession by nature - you are a founder needing a network, having vision & a groovy spirit, leadership drive, creativity, or skills & knowledge at least on a generic high-level from multiple silos, such as operation management, fundraising, law, digital, etc. You also need some loyal colleagues to bring those skills you may be lacking to the table, along with some serendipity too. CEU Business School is somewhat of an oasis institute in Hungary based on my experiences, because in my opinion you can acquire everything mentioned above in order to found and scale successful ventures; to take all of the details of the vehicle into the rolling practice will be only your task. Good luck for the roller-coaster!”

As a member of the new Accelerated One-year MBA class, Fellows will also have a chance to participate in the School's intensive New York City module in Spring 2016! The current class has just finished its first week, during which they visited various business incubators and co-working places in New York City. Read more about their experiences in their blog.

Recipients of the second round of CEU Entrepreneurship Fellowships also will have the opportunity to develop their enterprises under the guidance of the Scool's faculty as part the new hands-on MBA course called Developing a New Venture. After graduation, students will be better prepared to successfully build their venture anywhere, alone or with partners, as well as to apply to join one of the many excellent accelerators in the region. As alumni they could also apply to join our incubator, the CEU Innovations Lab.

To apply for the CEU Entrepreneurship Fellowship, submit your application to the Accelerated One-year MBA program here. In their Statement of Purpose, applicants should make clear their intent to pursue the CEU Entrepreneurship Fellowship and should also elaborate explicitly on why they would be an ideal candidate for this outstanding opportunity.

The application deadline is June 15, 2015.

For more information please contact Agnes Schram, admissions manager at schrama@business.ceu.edu