Call for Applications for Self-organizing for Social Justice Workshop

CEU’s Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) is hosting a one-day intensive workshop on Self-organizing for Social Justice at CEU 10am-5.30pm on Saturday, June 13th.

About the workshop

This workshop will focus on different forms of self-organizing on a small or local scale. Participants will learn how to establish and run small collectives such as self-advocacy groups for disabled people, activist theater groups, feminist reading circles or LGBTIQ student clubs. The workshop will also provide students with practical skills for starting and maintaining social justice initiatives even when they have limited experience and resources.

Knowing how to self-organize is a very important skill for an activist. Although nonprofit organizations and high profile global campaigns are often seen as leading the way to social change, many times these more traditional ways of organizing don't encourage the participation of people with limited resources, who are geographically isolated or who don't have a lot of experience and knowledge of organizing around social justice issue.

Through practical exercises as well as case-studies of specific organizations, by the end of this workshop participants will:

·  become familiar with different kinds of small-scale self-organization

·  gain basic knowledge of different forms of advocacy you can use to effectively tackle problems in your own community

·  earn the practical skills and confidence you need to initiate and successfully manage self-organized groups

Registration & Deadline

Applicants should email HRSI at by midnight Wednesday, June 3. Registration of the participants is happening on first come-first served basis. Due to the limited number of available places, make sure to register as soon as possible.

The workshop is free of charge and open for everyone. All participants will be awarded a certificate.

About the trainer

Andreea Catalina Ros is an MA student at CEU’s Department of Gender Studies. Over the last 5 years while living in Romania, Scotland and Hungary, she's had the chance to gain a rich experience in small-scale self-organizing and to become involved in a number of self-organized initiatives, especially through student organizations, including CEU's Student Union and LGBTIQ Student Club. She is especially passionate about helping disabled and LGBTIQ people organize.