CEU Alumnus Conti Publishes Study of Magic and Witchcraft in Italy

In “Witchcraft, Superstition, and Observant Franciscan Preachers: Pastoral Approach and Intellectual Debate in Renaissance Milan,” CEU alumnus  Fabrizio Conti (MEDS Phd ‘11) offers a new and innovative approach to the study of magic and witchcraft in Italy between the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. Unusually, this subject is explored not through inquisitorial trial records or demonological literature, but through the sermons and confession manuals produced by Observant Franciscan friars, focusing on the so-called ‘pastoral’ approach to folklore, superstition, and witchcraft — an approach that appears to have been notably less harsh than that taken by inquisitors and dedicated demonologists.

For more information, see http://www.brepols.net/Pages/ShowProduct.aspx?prod_id=IS-9782503549194-1