Crowdsourcing for Workers’ Rights and Environmental Justice

“Many people have seen pictures of the devastating accident in Dhaka, Bangladesh in April 2013 when the Rana Plaza building collapsed killing more than a thousand people,” said Daniel Szugyi (MPA ’16). “Although this incident was exceptional, accidents happen all the time in the textile industry.”

Szugyi and classmates Aderoju Alao  and Jonathan Vega, both MPA ’16, are working on a research project to monitor violations in the textile and apparel industry to transform the global supply chain. Their goal is to build a comprehensive view of recent human rights violations, labor abuses, and instances of environmental damage in the textile and apparel industry in emerging markets.  “There is an enormous amount of information out there – much more than we can gather and analyze on our own,” said Alao.  The three SPP students are reaching out to other CEU students for help. They are organizing a data mining event on June 1.   “We know that there are other students who care about this issue. We’re hoping that they will be interested in helping us with this project,” said Vega.

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