Reka Herczeg

Title/Position: HRO-Payroll Assistant

Number of years at CEU: 16

Home city/town & country: Budapest, Hungary

What’s your favorite Hungarian food?

pasta with cottage cheese  ("túrós tészta")

Whose works of art or design have had the greatest impression on you?

Coco Chanel

What’s your favorite language, whether you speak it or not?


What’s your hidden skill or talent?


What’s your favorite quote or idiom?

“When you've finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready.”

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince)

What do you like to do best on Sundays?

To find myself.

Which is your favorite building, park, museum, or public spot in Budapest?

The middle of the Chain Bridge.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

It will be a secret forever :)

Name one adventure you’d like to have:

Visit the seven wonders of the world and more