CEU's Department of Political Science to Host ECPR's Methods Summer School 2016-18

The Executive Committee (EC) of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) named the Department of Political Science at Central European University host of 2016-18 Summer School of Methods And Techniques (SSMT). 
The ECPR’s Methods Schol offers up-to-date methods training across the whole range of methodologies (and across different paradigms and approaches), which are particularly salient for research questions in political science and neighbouring disciplines, as well as dealing with all stages of a project and catering to the needs of research set at the macro and at the micro level.
There were two strong candidates in the final stage of the process, Aarhus University in Denmark and Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary. The EC's decision was based on the recommendation of the New Generation Subcommittee, represented in the EC by two of its members, Olafur Hardarson and Petri Koikkalainen. Both institutions did an excellent and professional job in the preparation of their respective bids and in the organisation of the site visits.
Fourteen proposals to host the Summer School were submitted, which is the highest number of proposals received by the ECPR to host an event.  There were four core areas where the CEU proposal was better: traveling; travel / transit costs; overall appeal to participants and the accommodation offer. The decision of the New Generation subcommittee was unanimous.  
For more information about ECPR’s Methods School, see http://www.ecpr.eu/Events/EventTypeDetails.aspx?EventTypeID=5