Alumnus Garthoff Publishes Budapest's 'Best'

CEU alumnus and journalist Sebastian Garthoff (HIST ’08) recently published a German-language guidebook to the Hungarian capital. Entitled “Budapest - Zeit fur das Beste" (Time for the Best), the book is a collaboration between Garthoff and Hungarian photographer Daniel Kaldori.

Focusing on Budapest’s iconic sites, the book was described by Garthoff as a lighter counterpoint to the duo’s journalistic work regarding Hungarian society in the Orban era.

“We are convinced there are more interesting people and stories,” in contemporary Hungary, he said. “We started to meet people and went to places away from the headlines.”

Their work has appeared in several German newspapers and magazines as well as their own online magazine, Szenen aus Budapest.

The book was published in 2014 by Munich’s Bruckmann Publishing House.