Kronfeldner Wins CEU Humanities Initiative Grant

Maria Kronfeldner, associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, has won a CEU Humanities Initiative grant for her project, entitled Establishing Topics in the Philosophy of the Humanities and Social Sciences (ToPHSS).

ToPHSS aims to establish the philosophy of humanities and social sciences as a research and teaching focus at CEU. The project aims to cross disciplinary boundaries between the humanities and social sciences. It focuses on methodological and ontological issues, in particular on contested categories of the humanities and social sciences, and of those primarily on the categories of human, individual and person.

The project will kick off in winter 2015 with a lecture series, in the framework of a forthcoming annual seminar. ToPHSSwill host a conference, a film series (in cooperation with the OSA), and possibly an exhibition (in cooperation with the CAC) in the future. All related information will be available at

As part of CEU's commitment to both the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and research, the University launched a Humanities Initiative in spring 2014. The Initiative provides incentives for new cross-departmental and interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the humanities, and to infuse CEU social science programs with perspectives, approaches and accomplishments taken from the humanities.