Students Recognized for Best Dissertation, Outstanding Academic Achievements

Exceptional master's and doctoral students were recognized in June for their academic achievements with awards presented on June 18. Scroll down for the slide show of photos of the ceremony.

The annual Best Dissertation Awards are intended to recognize important scholarly contributions by graduate students. Dissertations from any discipline that are based on significant original research, raise thought-provoking questions in the field, and open up new perspectives are recognized. The University Doctoral Committee aims to reward imaginative research that takes an innovative approach in terms of sources, methodology, and/or research questions.

Note that the 2014-15 award winners for ​the Accelerated One-Year MBA, the MSc-IT Management and the Master's of Finance Programs will be announced in August 2015 due to continuation of classes ​through July 31, 2015​.

Outstanding Achievement Awards:
Department of Economics Zsofia Komuves and Stefan Catrina
Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy Mariska Theresa Kecskes and Kirsten Cukor
Department of Gender Studies Stephanie Nicole Scheurich, Ferenc Csaba Marczali, Mariia  Mykhailivna Semashyna, and Sampreety Gurung
Department of History Ioana Elisabeta Hasu and Joseph Harrison King
Department of International Relations and European Studies Max Steuer
Department of Legal Studies Boldizsar Szentgali-Toth, Meri Baghdasaryan, Monika Glavina, Anna Maria Marko, and Jana Bencova
Department of Mathematics and its Applications Abhishek Methuku
Department of Medieval Studies Liat Sivek and Vedran Sulovsky
Nationalism Studies Program Sara Mara Sudetic and Naomi Anne Richner
Department of Philosophy Zsolt Kristof Kapelner
Department of Political Science Sanela Muharemovic and Theresa Elena Gessler
Department of Public Policy Lena Diane Jacobs and Myles Obadiah Stiffler
School of Public Policy  Robert Papp and Dustin Alexander Biero
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Macario Bag-ayan Lacbawan Jr 
CEU Business School Andras Ivan Karpaty
Best Dissertation Awards: 
Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy Ksenia Petrichenko
Department of History Zsofia Lorand
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Ayse Yuksel
BABSEA Award 2015:
Department of Legal Studies Shorena Latatia