Pro-Rector’s Office Announces CEU Humanities Initiative Grant Winners and Calls for New Applications

As part of CEU's commitment to both the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and research, the University launched a Humanities Initiative in spring 2014. The Initiative provides incentives for new cross-departmental and interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the humanities, and to infuse CEU social science programs with perspectives, approaches and accomplishments taken from the humanities.

In addition to the six projects that were awarded an aggregate funding of 500,000 EUR in the first application cycle, five more received a total of 230,000 EUR in June 2015.

Research projects funded by CEU Humanities Initiative:

-           Medieval Central Europe Research Network and associated activities, including an essay competition on history textbooks and the creation of a Research Companion on Medieval Central Europe (Daniel Ziemann, associate professor in the Department of Medieval Studies, and colleagues)

-           Research and publication of "The Building Complex of CEU in the Heart of Budapest" (Jozsef Laszlovszky, professor in the Department of Medieval Studies, and colleagues)

-           Strengthening Science Studies at CEU (Karl Hall, associate professor in the Department of History, and colleagues)

-           "Topics in the Philosophy of the Humanities and Social Sciences" (Maria Kronfeldner, associate professor in the Department of Philosophy)

-           "The Self and the Other: Envisioning the Human in Early and Medieval China" (CEU IAS Fellow Curie Virag, - a comparative continuation of the "Human Project" at CEU, formerly managed by Gabor Betegh, visiting professor in the Department of Philosophy).

 CEU Provost / Pro-Rector Liviu Matei and Pro-Rector for Social Sciences and Humanities & Hungarian Affairs Laszlo Kontler expressed their hope that the University's endeavor to promote the humanities will inspire further thinking and activity in the community, resulting in new submissions. These can be sent on an ongoing basis to Andrea Katona ( or to the e-mail account, but will be assessed together, after September 30, 2015.