Kovacs Against Raising a Statue for Anti-Semite Hungarian Government Minister

http://index.hu/tudomany/tortenelem/2015/07/14/homan_balint_rehabilitacioja/ - Hungarian news portal index.hu reports: Maria Kovacs, professor at CEU’s Nationalism Studies Program comments on the Hungarian government’s plan to erect a statue for Balint Homan, government minister in the pro-German government of Miklos Horthy. Kovacs reminds the readers that even if Homan (who also served in the fascist Arrow Cross puppet government of Ferenc Szalasi that collaborated with the Nazis in the liquidation of Hungarian Jewry after the Germans invaded Hungary in 1944) was rehabilitated by the state, he was vital in introducing the separation of Jewish and non-Jewish students in schools, and advocated further measures against the Jewish population.

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Klub Radio (8.7.2015.)