Diana Urge-Vorsatz Participates in Key Climate Change Conference

The International Scientific Conference “Our Common Future under Climate Change” took place at UNESCO and UPMC (Paris) from July 7-10. The four-day conference was the largest forum for the scientific community to come together ahead of the 21st UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP21), which will be hosted by France in December 2015 (“Paris Climat 2015”). Building on the results of IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5), the Conference addressed key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change. It offered an opportunity to discuss solutions for both mitigation and adaptation issues. Nobel Prize-winning CEU Professor Diana Urge-Vorsatz participated and lead the lunchtime media briefing on Thursday, July 9.

The conference was organized under the umbrella of ICSU, Future Earth, UNESCO and major French research institutions, with the support of the French Government. 

See the video here.  

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