New Features Available on CEU E-learning Site

August 4, 2015

New features and functionalities will be available on the CEU e-learning site from Academic Year 2015/16.

1. Infosys integration
Due to the joint effort with the Infosys developers, we managed to integrate some key functions between the two systems. This enables automatic synchronization from Infosys to Moodle, so students will be automatically enrolled on their courses when they log in to Moodle from the next Academic Year (no separate enrollment is necessary).

Moodle Upgrade, New Plugins

We upgraded the hardware configuration and will also upgrade the Moodle version, and add new plugins to the site. This will make the site much more responsive, better looking and easier to use.

Some highlights:

a) Quicksets block: The “quicksets” block is redesigned by the Computer and Statistics Center. It will feature all important course management options which are scattered around in Moodle menus – enrollment options (self, guest, manual), keys, etc. You will be able to change all important settings on the main page of the course quickly.
b) Responsive design: The site will be much more accessible on Mobile devices and Tablets without downloading any further apps. The top navigation menu will automatically contain all enrolled courses and personal settings for students and professors.

c) Turnitin upgrade: The Turnitin assignment interface will be upgraded, making it an integral part of Moodle, providing a more seemless integration to the service.
We will spotlight the most important changes in detail before the next AY starts, and also offer trainings continuously as professors prepare their courses for the Term. New courses will be created on the site for the 2015 Fall Term as usual - we will work with the coordinators, and create all “empty” courses before the term.