CEU Mourns Loss of Longtime Colleague Judit Gergely

CEU mourns the loss of Judit Gergely, who served most recently as coordinator in the Department of History, earlier this month after a brief illness. Judit was a beloved and respected member of the CEU community for nearly two decades, as the University's first Human Resources Director, and most recently as Coordinator in the Department of History. She made many significant contributions to the University. To mention just a few, she was instrumental in the establishment of our Human Resources Office, both as a lawyer and as an experienced HR professional. She also made a valuable contribution in the preparations for CEU's initial Hungarian accreditation. She was a dedicated and effective Department Coordinator. Judit was always an outgoing and enthusiastic colleague, and during her long career she in turn received not only the appreciation of faculty, students and her fellow staff but also their affection. Judit enjoyed CEU campus life, attending many events, singing in the CEU Choir, and often also bringing her children to special events here.
Judit was the first director of CEU's Human Resources Office, serving for 11 years. She worked as PhD coordinator and head of the departmental office in the History Department for five years. Those who knew Judit will remember her as a kind and lively person who was deeply committed to CEU and felt strongly responsible for the students and her colleagues. Judit often expressed how much fulfillment and happiness she had found in this position. We will greatly miss her expertise, knowledge, support, composure and good spirit.