CEU Summer University Celebrates 20th Anniversary

September 22, 2015

Established in 1996, CEU Summer University (SUN) has offered its rich selection of research and policy-oriented interdisciplinary courses for the 20th time this summer. The program hosted 522 students from 89 countries and 193 faculty who participated in 19 courses during June and July.

SUN offered courses that have been popular for several years, such as Strategic Human Rights Litigation, Innovative Financing for Education (organized with the support of Open Society Foundations), Green Industry (funded and run in cooperation with United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and Bridging ICTs and the Environment (co-sponsored by UNDP, UNOOSA and the ISEPEI project.)

The course on Internet Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy Advocacy was convened by the Center for Media, Data and Society at the School of Public Policy, the Luminosus Limes course together with the Department of Medieval Studies, while the Religious Violence course was co-organized with the Department of History, SPP and the Center for Religious Studies.

Some of the new courses, including Cities and Science, Moral Phenomenology, National Identity, Political Psychology and The City Uploaded were organized by several CEU departments and research centers.

Former SUN faculty and participants sent congratulatory messages on the summer school’s 20th anniversary, remembering fondly the SUN experience.

“I was blown away by the quality of students and faculty at the CEU. The group-teaching environment meant that I had an opportunity to see my colleagues in action and to learn from their teaching styles and their respective knowledge bases. I was also amazed by the quality of the students, who came from across the world,” recalled Noel Lenski, professor of Classics and History at Yale University, former faculty of the Luminosus Limes SUN course.