Meet Tamas Bazsa

September 22, 2015

Title/Position: Academic Cooperations Officer

Number of years at CEU: 10 months

Home city/town & country: Budapest, Hungary

What’s your favorite Hungarian food?

Almost anything done in a cauldron (bogrács), but slambuc (a peasant dish of pasta and potato) is a particular favorite. And of course, Hungarian pancakes (palacsinta) are great, too.

Whose works of art or design have had the greatest impression on you?

In music, Bach, Beethoven, REM and Sting jump to my mind first. In fine arts, I like van Gogh's and Auguste Rodin's works, but I was also mesmerized in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

What’s your favorite language, whether you speak it or not?

I like the structure of German and the sound of Italian.

What’s your hidden skill or talent?

I try not to hide my skills and talents.

What’s your favorite quote or idiom?

Any part of life is much more complex than to cram it into a sentence of ultimate truth.

What do you like to do best on Sundays?

Chill out.

Which is your favorite building, park, museum, or public spot in Budapest?

Wherever She is...

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I have this hedonist belief that pleasure can't be a guilt. Furthermore, I don't brag about my little sins, let's keep them a secret.

What is your favorite or most visited website or blog?

I start the day with the news on, Spiegel Online and the Guardian. And of course check out what's going on with friends on Facebook.

Name one adventure you’d like to have:

Have dinner with Roger Federer, Natalie Portman, Bill Clinton, J.K. Rowling, Richard Dawkins and Mark Zuckerberg.