Business School Alumna Borbala Czako to Chair €1 Million Migration Fund

The Demjan Group, owned by one of Hungary’s most prominent businessman Sandor Demjan, has donated € 1 million to establish a migration fund to support improving conditions for refugee children currently in Hungary or on the borders of the country. The fund will be used to buy food, clothing, finance domestic travel, healthcare and to produce information materials and assist civilians and authorities who are working to resolve the situation. CEU Business School alumna Borbala Czako (IMC'90) has been appointed to chair the fund.

The fund will work with and consult the relevant state institutions and civil society organizations on how exactly the resources should be used.

Demjan urged everyone, including Hungarians, foreigners and any person, entrepreneur or institution that embrace the idea of solidarity, to join the financial fund created for this very purpose by the Demjan Foundation on a special account at Granit Bank.

Czako is a renowned leader both in the business community and in the public arena. She was the Ambassador of Hungary to the United Kingdom, worked for large international companies and organizations, such as Ernst & Young and the World Bank Group, and is currently global partner and director of Ernst and Young. She has been a major donor to CEU and the Business School in the past.