Office Relocations Update

October 19, 2015

The following relocations have been completed in the previous weeks:

  • the Campus Redevelopment Office and Campus Service Group shared office moved together for a transitional period to Oktober 6/7 building room 407;
  • the CEU/HESP Visiting Research Fellows' office moved to Oktober 6/7 building rooms 429-430.

Phone extensions and email addresses remain unchanged.

In the coming weeks the following units will be relocated:

  • Roma Access Program - will move to Oktober 6/7 building rooms 426, 427, 428;
  • Source Language Teaching Group and the Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies fellows - will move to Oktober 6/7  building rooms 408-409;
  • Human RightS Initiative - will move to the Linkage area between the FacultyTower and Oktober 6/12.